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37-12 34th Street, Long Island City (New Permits and Plans Filed)

Morali Architects PLLC, have filed plans for a new 7- Story Mixed use building on 34th Street in Long Island City. The site is currently a 19,500 square foot, 1-story warehouse, built to the lot and being used as a medical facility. The plans, which are not yet approved, call for 29,520 of residential space and 3,164 square feet of commercial space. However, it is not yet clear how the rest of building will be used, since the plans show a total of 61,664 total square feet.

Proposed: Use Zoning Area (sq.ft.) District FAR
   RESIDENTIAL   29,520   M1-2/R6A   3.00
   COMMERCIAL   3,164   M1-2/R6A   1.00
Proposed Totals:   61,664   4.00
Existing Total:


The site was sold in the fall of 2014 for $9.7 million to 37-14 34TH STREET PROPERTY, LLC. The owner behind the LLC, a Mr. Cogentakis, would not yet disclose further plans at the moment and said he is still trying to vacate the building. Morali could not yet be reached for a comment on the proposed project.

Aerial view of site, 37-12 34th Street, (Google Maps)


Street view 34th

Street view from 33rd Street (Google Maps)

The site goes block-through from 34th to 33rd street between 37th and 38th avenue. The property is right near the 36th St M and R subway and one block over from the Paper Factory Hotel. It was just revealed last week that Gal Sela, owner of the Paper Factory Hotel, and Mr. Michael Cohen, owner of the Silver Star Motors are building a mixed-use building next door at 37-14 36th Street. will update all progress of the project going forward.