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37-10 Crescent Street – Graffiti Building on Crescent

37-10 Crescent Street
A once-gritty, industrial-filled Crescent Street strip in Long Island City will be getting a little style very soon.
A few months after applying for permits, the mixed-used development at 37-10 Crescent Street is going forward, New York Yimby reported. Developer Ranger Properties and architect Fogarty Finger have released its first renderings of the six-story, 55-unit building recently.
The first floor will be utilized for office space topped by the residential units, New York Yimby reported.
Fogarty Finger’s John Zimmer described the building to Yimby as “clad in a lightweight cement board rain screen. Exposed fasteners, a dynamic rhythm of window openings, and dashes of color form a counterpoint to the crisp rigor of the skin.”
The surrounding area is becoming a hot-bed of urban excellence as there’s a slew of residential developments and restaurants popping all over.
The biggest hurdle for the project has been the overlapping zoning laws the building resides on — mainly affecting the urban parking minimums in the area which will increase or decrease the value of “affordable” housing.
“In truth, the most people moving into the neighborhood don’t own cars,” Zimmer told Yimby, “and don’t need the parking, so the requirement should be reduced or eliminated throughout”.
Lastly, the mixed-used building will have no PTACs, a rarity for the rental buildings in the city.image5 image1 image2 image4 image3 image6