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35-11 9th Street — Cigar Factory up for Grabs!

35-11 9th Street — Cigar Factory
The landmark cigar factory in Long Island City is currently on the market and is fielding major offers for the 102,670-square-foot commercial property.
The Real Deal recently reported that the converted warehouse, currently owned by Hudson Realty Capital, has received offers upward to $30 million.
The property was built in 1896 and then renovated in 2012 to house 57 commercial units and two cell towers. Even more, the property, located at 35-11 and 35-31 9th Street, has a vacated lot next to the four-story building that is more than 6,000-square-feet.
The cigar factory website ( is currently allowing open bidding of the property, which is being managed by marketing specialists Evan Daniel and Edward DiTomasso of Modern Spaces. The bidders must complete and confidentiality and nondisclosure agreement online.
The cigar factory lays in line with the continuing trend in LIC/Astoria area — with developmental sites being targeted for residential conversions.


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