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31-19 37th Avenue, Long Island City, Update

Last March, 31-19 37th Avenue, sold by a local owner Bruce Sharp, who ran a title insurance company in the one-story warehouse, to a developer from China for $2,325,000. The site is a 3,400 square foot lot on the northwest corner of 32nd street and 37th avenue in the Dutch kills section of Long island City. The M1-2/R6A/LIC zoning allows for over a 11,000 square feet of mixed-used commercial and residential building. Now the developer ,under the GP Keystand LLC, has filed for a permit to build a 6-story mixed use building with 10-units totaling ,7805 square feet and 2,383 square feet of commercial use.The architect who is to design the building is Angelo Ng, of  A.NG & A.NG ARCHITECTS STUDIO, PC.

The site is between the 39th and 36th avenue “N” train stops on the east side of 31st street close to northern Boulevard. The site is also close to Emmes Asset Managements Studio Square office building and Alma Realty’s 31-10 37th Ave office building. A little further is the Paper Factory Hotel off Northern boulevard. Stay tuned to for further progress once demolished and the construction begins.

31-19 37th ave arial

Aerial View, Google Maps

31-19 37th ave google street view

Street View, Google Maps

31-19 37th ave tax

Tax Lot, NYC.GOV

Project details

Proposed: Use Zoning Area (sq.ft.) District FAR
   RESIDENTIAL   7,805   M1-2/R6A   2.28
   COMMERCIAL   2,383   M1-2/R6A   0.70
Proposed Totals:   10,188   2.98
Existing Total: