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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Retail and restaurants flourishing in LIC

LIC going through a blossoming time As reports have shown, retail has decreased considerably in the Manhattan area. Nevertheless, the demand for restaurants has risen in Long Island City. The Long Island City Partnership conducted a survey in the area and results shown that restaurants

News on the NYC Ferry station in Queens

A welcome addition to the area New reports have surfaced regarding the new New York City Ferry. The construction of the new station, based at 47th Road in Long Island City is advancing as planned and, following the schedule, the first boats will cast off

A perspective of the Long Island City housing market

The Long Island City greater area For the last few years, the greater Long Island City area, located in Queens, has been a good choice for renters leaving Brooklyn or Manhattan in search for more affordable prices. Nevertheless, more recent events show that this may

$375m worth of plans to improve the LIRR in Queens

Big changes in the horizon Governor Andrew Coumo announced big changes are coming to the Long Island Rail Road. The city has a budget of $5.6 billion fot these renovations. In Queens, developers will upgrade the Jamaica Station and several stops along the Port Washington

Stenmax Realty Inc. to develop new tower in Flushing

Stenmax Realty Inc.’s new endeavors in Flushing New reports show Stenmax Realty Inc. has plans to build something new in Flushing. This neighborhood is one of the hottest areas right now, with demand on the area only increasing. Apparently, the developer previously mentioned will build

Triple Star Realty secures refinancing for Flushing development

Triple Star’s new project Triple Star Realty is in charge of developing one of the largest mixed-use projects based in Flushing. Reports have stated the developer decided to extend the term on the property’s original acquisition loan. Furthermore, Triple Star has reportedly brought in additional