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Monthly Archives: March 2017

BESEN IS BULLISH ON THIS N.O.I. — THAT’S NEIGHBORHOOD OF INTEREST ASTORIA, QUEENS Astoria’s landscape has recently benefited from an influx of development dollars and a frenzied flurry of activity aimed at providing migrant Millennials with in-demand housing and longtime residents with parks, schools and supermarkets. Developers’ efforts are especially concentrated on the shoreline, transforming a desolate

GFI Real Estate acquieres new hotel

Another hotel changes hands A hotel located closely to John F. Kennedy Airport has been recently sold. Documents recently filed show a subsidiary of GFI Capital Resources group was the buyer. The hotel is a 330 key property and the transaction cost $60 million.  Furthermore,

New prospects for Pinnacle Group

The redevelopment of a building Reports have surfaced that Pinnacle Group, with Joel Wiener at the head, is about to start a new project. The firm is planning to convert a 144 unit rent-stabilized building based in Flushing into condos. They have already filed an

Woodhaven, Queens: An oasis of small businesses with a diverse community As its name implies, Woodhaven is truly an escape in the urban jungle. The Queens neighborhood is probably one of the few places in the city where you can get off the train, take a stroll through a forest, grab a bite to eat