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14-55 31st Avenue, Astoria – New Eight-Story Mixed Use Building Planned

Astoria is about to see new development coming with the new project on 14-55 31st Avenue, at western Astoria. This project has been applied for in May of 2014, along with many other developers hoping to have this new acquisition in their name. The building proves to be a great opportunity with great value, considering its venue.

Among the many applications for the re-development of this property though, one has stood out and chosen among the many. And as per the filed plan, a 33-unit mixed use building 14-55 31st Avenue 14-55 31st Avenue, in western Astoria is well on its way to being the latest development in the neighborhood.

The building is estimated to measure 27,130 square feet, which includes 2,450 square feet of retail on the ground floor, at the northwest corner of 31st Avenue and 21st Street.

Among the many different applicants for the development, Anthony Hu’s Centennial Astoria is chosen; with JLS Designs is the architect of record. Demolition has started earlier this year on two existing wood-framed townhouses at Nos. 14-53 and 14-57.